10 Dec 2014

I seem to have been neglecting my little blog lately, so thought I'd do a small post to give you an insight into my university life! Don't expect anything too exciting.

1. Sleeping

Waking up at 2pm most days in a tea-stained, Pringle crumb encrusted bed is truly liberating. Especially when you realise you've missed your 3 hour Tuesday lecture, again. (I'm disgusting)

2.  Tesco

2 days ago my Clubcard arrived. After 3 months of missing out on precious points then finally doing something about it, I found out that the Tesco a 3 minute walk away could potentially go bust before Christmas this year. Where will I buy my crumpets and exotic juice?!

3. Spag Bol

My mum's cooking has become somewhat famous in our flat lately. Spagbol sent frozen in a tuppaware box, then defrosted in the microwave seems to have quickly risen to favourite.

4. Drinking

A couple of weeks ago we bought a bottle of absinthe, drank it in the sitting room then went to bed. If that doesn't say 'freshers', I don't know what does. I'm a big fan of 99p Bakewell Bombs at 5th Avenue.

5. Netflix and 4od etc

At least 40 hours of Friday Night Dinner, Misfits and Bob's Burgers episodes later, here I am writing this blog post. Is there a job regarding this kinda thing?

p.s. it's my bday a week on Saturday