20 Nov 2013

As a follow up to my motivational 90s playlist the other day and considering the 90s was probably the best era (don't shoot me), I thought it would be a good idea to see Ruby's version. Make of it what you will but in my opinion, hers is definitely better than mine. I'm particularly fond of the gangsta flare in tracks 6-8.
  1. Pump Up The Jam - Technotronic
  2. Boom Boom Boom Boom - Vengaboys
  3. Wannabe - Spice Girls
  4. Nothing Compares 2 U - Sinead O'Connor
  5. Return Of The Mack - Mark Morrison
  6. No Diggity - Blackstreet, Dr. Dre
  7. Hypnotize - The Notorious B.I.G.
  8. Insane in the Brain - Cypress Hill
  9. The Rhythm Of The Night - Corona (saw this coming a mile away)
  10. Don't Speak - No Doubt
  11. Say My Name - Destiny's Child
  12. Mambo No. 5 - Lou Bega (a Singstar classic)
  13. Keep on Movin' - Five
  14. Genie in a Bottle - Christina Aguilera 
Definitely superior to my feeble attempt. You can open Ruby's 53 minute (as it stands) playlist of 90s goodness in Spotify here.


18 Nov 2013

Unsure if it's just me, but I am never really motivated to do things I don't want to do without listening to some upbeat 90's music. It works in a kind of Rocky-esque Eye of The Tiger way but it has to be 90's. I have compiled a list of some of my faves in an effort to magically transform all fellow lazy-arses into productive wizards.

  1. Good Vibrations - Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch
  2. I Wanna Sex You Up - Color Me Badd
  3. Spice Up Your Life - Spice Girls 
  4. Sweet Like Chocolate - Shanks & Bigfoot
  5. Ghetto Superstar - Pras featuring MYA & ODB
  6. Breathe - The Prodigy 

Just to clarify; there will be absoloutley no Oasis. 


1 Nov 2013

  • That was a good Simpsons ep
  • Wonder what were having for tea
  • Don't wanna go to work tomorrow
  • Maybe I'll read Brighton Rock again
  • Am I addicted to Polyvore?
  • I love Phoebe Lettice 
  • Need to buy November issue of Elle asap
  • I'm excited to go to York on Tues


8 Sep 2013

Recently I have taken a liking to spending time alone in my bed. This isn't out of choice, more because of the harsh reality that my bank balance reads exactly £1.48. To distract myself from my money troubles I am cracking on with my personal statement. However, I have suddenly arrived at another (big question mark shaped) hurdle. What the Hell do I write in a personal statement? We had an INCREDIBLY interesting assembly at college where teachers nagged us to start doing something with our lives to make us appeal to universities. At one point a humble PE teacher claimed he could help us get our work published in The Hull Daily Mail, at which point I thought to myself "no thankyou, I don't write fiction". So now I am procrastinating from my original form of procrastination and thinking about how far over the horizon the possibility of ever going to university seems right now.

P.S - to make things more exciting, I now have to write an essay on how a reduction in the number of police officers will affect recorded crime.


14 Jul 2013

Hours spent reading miscellaneous blogs has left me with nothing but an overwhelming urge to do something creative. Disregarding some sort of knack for drawing, I’ve never really had a talent. However, I have had and do have a great interest in literature and writing. This has lead me to the conclusion that a blog is what is missing from my life and considering an English-based job is the place in which my future inevitably beckons me, a blog certainly seemed like the one for me. Although I have no idea where this will lead (if anywhere at all), I’m afraid of taking myself seriously and 100% of readers* will snigger at this pathetic attempt at a first post; I’m being brave, slightly vain but optimistic I will improve and this may one day develop into something worth reading.

*Ruby and possibly my mum.