1 Jan 2015

I thought a '2014 Top Ten' would be too cliché and boring, so I went with posting a few tracks I'm liking as we move into 2015.

Take Care Of You by Saje

Soft, floaty, warm and mellow. Am I describing a song or a strange cheese? I feel as though I could direct a really nice music video for this - hello Saje??? It's available for free download on Saje's Facebook or if you click here

When Will I See You Again (AMTRAC Remix) by Shakka

I think this is good to bop around your bedroom to, whilst slowly getting ready for an edgy Thursday night out. You can also download this for free here.

What's Going On? (S-Man Remix) by Marvin Gaye

Towards the end of this year, I started liking Northern Soul. My father seems extremely happy about this. However, this song (although quite old) is a refreshing take on one of Kev's favourites. I first heard it at SoulJam at MSA in Newcastle, and have loved it since.

Et De Clarinete by Palov & Mishkin

When I'm older, I'm going to open a bar where people around the age of 30 can drink gin & tonic on a tuesday night whilst listening to this song and songs alike.

Groovin' by Flamingosis x YUNG BAE

First of all, YUNG BAE - lol???? As much as I hate to admit it, Angus' Soundcloud is better than mine and he has some excellent songs on there - which is where I discovered this. Funny vid too.

Ode to Viceroy by Mac DeMarco

Although this isn't from his album released this year, I listen to it more than his other songs. SOMeonE tell me where I can get a packet of Viceroys pllllleeeeeeeeaaaaasssse.

Ty and see you in MUSIC FOR 2016. #old