27 Apr 2015

1. Pomo  - Feel The Same Way

Starting the playlist with this from Pomo. Thanks to Annie Mac for posting this onto my Soundcloud feed; it's smooth, slow (but not too slow) and nicely chilled. If you close your eyes, you can imagine partying on a white sandy beach; instead of sitting in the dark on your squeaky student accommodation bed.

2. Konna Summer - Bad Girls

A song that will stick in your head for days. Funky and timeless; it's a good one for late night groovin' and feeling empowered. This was reposted onto my feed by my good friend Jake - click his name to go to his Soundcloud profile. 

3. Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You

By no means a recent release (1998) but still an amazing song. Thomas Bangalter, who made up half of Daft Punk, collaborated with 2 others under the name 'Stardust' to produce this iconic, electronic 90s hit. I feel when you know that, the Daft Punk vibes are obvious. 

4. Jacques Greene - Another Girl

Back to chilling, now with Jacques Greene: a Canadian DJ and producer who brought this out in 2011. It's simple and powerful, with slow and gentle beats that would be perfect mixed with a late night turned early morning. 

5. Laurence Guy - W.L.Y.B

This song is beautiful and peaceful, thank you to Angus for introducing it to me. At 4:17 you'll be lingering for a drop, but instead it gently increases to something a bit heavier, where it dangles until 4:48. I don't have the ability to use words to give this song the praise it deserves; it's gorgeous. 

6. The Beach - Thieves (KAASI Remix)

I don't think I've ever heard anything from Kaasi that I haven't loved, and this is no exception. It's melancholy and resonant, in the best way possible. An overwhelming theme throughout this playlist seems to be 'chilled' and Thieves fits right in.

7. HNNY - Yogalates

Jumping straight to a way more upbeat tone, this song is fun and sunny, with a lot more electronic vibes than most of the others in this playlist. It's groovy, catchy and something a bit different from what I'm used to. It's good, but it's definitely not an afterparty song.  

8. Romare - Jimmy's Lament

This song is originally much slower, but  has been sped up to 45rpm by Octochamp. I heard it on an Arp Aubert Guest Mix, following Yogalates; so I thought it would be only natural to bring them to this playlist as a pair. The piano loops bring something a bit jazzy, and just like Yogalates, I think it's groovy and fun.

Hope you've enjoyed this playlist! As always, head over to my Soundcloud if you want to hear this kind of thing more frequently. Also, if anyone knows of anywhere in Manchester that plays music you think I would like, please let me know! I'm sick of hearing Oasis and The Courteeners on nights out. 

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