8 Sep 2013

Recently I have taken a liking to spending time alone in my bed. This isn't out of choice, more because of the harsh reality that my bank balance reads exactly £1.48. To distract myself from my money troubles I am cracking on with my personal statement. However, I have suddenly arrived at another (big question mark shaped) hurdle. What the Hell do I write in a personal statement? We had an INCREDIBLY interesting assembly at college where teachers nagged us to start doing something with our lives to make us appeal to universities. At one point a humble PE teacher claimed he could help us get our work published in The Hull Daily Mail, at which point I thought to myself "no thankyou, I don't write fiction". So now I am procrastinating from my original form of procrastination and thinking about how far over the horizon the possibility of ever going to university seems right now.

P.S - to make things more exciting, I now have to write an essay on how a reduction in the number of police officers will affect recorded crime.