6 May 2014

There exists a part of life in which you are neither a child nor an adult and I am certainly currently experiencing said stage. There are certain characteristics, however, that can help you place yourself into one of these two incredibly vague categories. This is, in my opinion, a list of components that (if you find yourself agreeing to) can let you know if you're a ~grown up~ or not. 

  • Choosing to have a starter at a restaurant and turning down a pudding. (Eating savoury snacks instead of chocolate also applies here.)
  • Understanding the importance of eating vegetables and eating them willingly.
  • Enjoying the taste of coffee.
  • 'Bedtime' being no longer a word with negative connotations. 
  • Enjoying wine??????????
  • Feeling like you've 'wasted the day' if you wake up after 10.

However, after this age-based limbo comes the stage where you are 100% adult and there certainly is no turning back. Some might call it middle aged... This time in your life (and I base this on my own mother and her friends) includes behaviour such as the following:

  • Using slang words in texts and typing 'LOL' in capital letters.
  • Using the term 'slang words'.
  • Using Groupon on a daily basis.
  • Typing on your phone using the index finger on one hand.
  • Wearing 'reading glasses' on the end of your nose for watching TV. 
  • Playing Scrabble on your iPad with your sister who lives 10 minutes walk away. "Olivia, isn't technology wonderful?!"

This list could definitely go on for a long time but I fear I've already offended and do not wish to do so much further. Do the maths and work out if you're too far gone up the maturity scale.