12 May 2014

Exam season is upon us friends and that means a lot of stuff is going to get done that will benefit every aspect of your life, barring your education. I'm not going to use the term 'procrastination' as it implies your activities of choice are less important than revision... Here is some inspiration to help you, like me, probably fail all of your exams!

  • Bake something. I like this one because it benefits people who aren't you as well. You'll probably gain a few pounds and maybe befriend some hungry people.
  • Make 'revision' playlists. 
  • Walk to the shop for 'revision' snacks.
  • Teach yourself about British politics. (if you're studying Politics then please skip this one)
  • Read a book. This is for people who feel guilty about not revising. 
  • Go to the gym. Who needs qualifications if you're toned?
  • Clear out all the shit from under your bed and the clothes you haven't worn since you were 7. 
  • Regarding the previous step, sell said shit on eBay and maybe make some money.
  • Go out and get drunk. 
  • Nap. You can't revise if you're feeling sleepy. 
  • Watch an entire series on Netflix.
  • Bathe! If you're clean it means your life is in order.
  • Exfoliate your butt. If you're smooth it also means your life is in order.
If you're still looking for a productive activity to fill the time tonight, before your exam tomorrow morning, you could probably rearrange your entire bedroom. The feng shui of your workspace obviously affects your study. 

Once you've done all of this, you're welcome to spend your days making flashcards and doing past papers - make sure you save them all for your re-sits next year.