1 Jul 2014

As the only particularly relevant social media platform we can vomit our (probably uninteresting and repetitive) daily lives onto, I find it quite sad and frustrating that Twitter harshly, in black Sharpie, draws the line at 140 characters. Although we are limited in the length of what we can say, it perhaps is quality that counts. After all, how could we possibly sleep at night if we didn't know how excited people are for their holiday to Maga in 97 days?! 

Disregarding this, I've collected together a few things I wished to tell the internet that sadly didn't fit the bill. Hopefully, the dreams of these rejected tweets can live on through this blog post.

  • Now that exams are over and I don't have to spend my days feeling guilty about what I should be doing, I must find something else to fill the time between each episode of Sex and The City on Comedy Central. Here I must decide whether the next few weeks take a spontaneous and productive route or remain comfortably on the sofa, wishing I was friends with Carrie.  (-224)

  • Waiting for nightclubs to upload their photos to their Facebook page fills me with the same feeling as waiting for exam results. Will I be filled with shame, regret and disgust or will I be pleasantly surprised, given the lack of hard work I put in? (-109)

  • A world without ASOS next day delivery would be a dark dark place. In Bram Stoker's Dracula, Dr. Van Helsing receives a parcel from overseas - in one night. That book was published in 1897; technology is moving backward. (-181)

  • I'm eagerly anticipating the day somebody addresses the dilemma of seeing someone you partially know out in public. The inner-turmoil of whether to greet or not is too much for one person. (-103)