17 Aug 2014

Mine and Ruby's trip to Berlin began with a very early morning and our plane falling through the sky. Luckily, things improved from this point. Firstly, I'd like to ask who thought it would be a good idea to let me and Ruby loose in a foreign country - alone, with a substantial amount of money? No doubt we thought this trip would end in debt and despair, and it did, but a good time was had by all. Something we noticed, however, was that some peoples' friendly attitudes toward us seemed to rapidly change upon discovering our nationality. Minor parts of Berlin didn't welcome tourists, which is unjustifiable yet sadly expected. A common theme throughout these photos seems to be food, drink and plants - unsure what that says about me. 

A burger restaurant with an overwhelming number of trees. They let people bring their pets out for tea?????

A lot of people in this restaurant were posing next to the trees.

The food took 8 years to arrive but the cocktails were very good.

A piece of the wall outside our hotel. 

The view from a rooftop club called Weekend.

The size of the head on a German beer is considerable. 

A protest against recent troubles in Gaza. People writing 'FREE GAZA' on the ground in chalk. The writing remained all over the city for several days. 

Ham & cheese crossaints in Balzac Coffee.