10 Aug 2017

There's a very fine line between chav and chic, and it's a line I like to walk dangerously close to - much to the disapproving looks from my own mother. I remember being 13, and all I wanted was a pair of chunky gold hoops from Elizabeth Duke at Argos. My mum hated them, and I didn't have the finances. Eight years later,  I think I've got some sort of complex, because statement earrings still make me feel the same kinda way.

A woman at the forefront of this trend; Eastenders' Pat Butcher has been mocked for her courageous jewellery choices. Although earrings have a much longer and more complex history than most people realise, the iconic Pat might be the catalyst to statement earrings being all over SS17 catwalks - and I'm not ready to let go of the trend just yet. 

[Pictured] A small sample of my superfluous collection. The yellow pair were the first I bought which could be categorised as 'statement', and I wear them when I want to feel more like Frida Kahlo. Since then, I've become more partial to a bolder look - hence the green and pink pair being a more recent acquisition.
N.B. Lemon not worn as earring, obvs. 


A statement pair of earrings has the same magical ability as a bold lipstick - creating the illusion you made much more effort than you really did. Pulling your hair into a bun takes two minutes, but adding earrings makes the look night-out-worthy. I honestly can't remember the last time I went out without a pair, so maybe I should give my earlobes a break... probs won't though.

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