2 Mar 2015

February has quickly drawn to a close and it's already March! (Ruby will be very excited right now) As the clever ones amongst you may have already guessed, this post will be concerning a few things I've been loving throughout the past month. Most products are linked so just click to buy online!


I feel as though I've reached a point in my life where I've absolutely nailed my skincare regime and I have mainly Lush to thank for that. As you can see in the pics, all of my products are looking very well-used.

I use their 9 to 5 Cleansing Milk to take off my make up, followed by Herbalism Facial Cleanser to exfoliate. I then tone with Eau Roma Water and moisturise with the Ginzing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer from Origins (best smelling thing I've ever slathered onto my face). Usually, not taking my make up off at night completely ruins my skin but I've had a few nights out recently and my complexion is still the best it's been since I was a wee one. 


Current go to eye look is the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate packed onto the lid, then blended out and under the lash line. I'm feeling v Olsen and I think this look can instantly make you look more 'polished' (although I may not be a very good example of that).

Speaking of go to, I've been using my Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia perfume every day and I'm still as obsessed with it as I was when I got it two months ago. Their website describes it as 'luscious and golden', which is how I sometimes like to describe myself too.


I'm unsure if this is a weird favourites category but I'm obsessed with these two things. The first is a candle I got from Primark. I will admit that I only got it the other day but I feel as though if I had bought it earlier, it would still be included. I think the outside is really pretty and I'm going to turn it into a plant pot when it has finished burning. It's coconut and vanilla scented, but not overpowering and sickly, the scent is very subtle and light and I can't believe it was only £3.

The second is a mug I got from Tesco. It's one of those that are the perfect size - nothing worse than a small mug. I love the minimalistic design (looks way more expensive than £2.50) and I think it looks v chic on my desk next to my candle. (painting nails emoji)


Another probably quite strange category? I'm one of those people who becomes utterly infatuated with a food for a few months, gets bored then doesn't eat it ever again (special mention to the only food that seems to have survived this process, hummus). This month, those two foods for me have been Rice Krispies and Uncle Ben's Rice. If you haven't had Uncle Ben's Microwave Rice, your life is quite frankly a mess.


Last month I went to SoulJam in Newcastle and now I can't stop listening to that late 70s early 80s disco stuff. I even made a playlist called 'funky groovy pre' and have been dancing around the kitchen to songs like these whilst cooking spag bol.

If you do one thing today, please make it watching this music video.